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212 Loans, LLC is a leading source of financing for acquisition and renovation loans. We are able to understand and provide creative financing options for investment real estate transactions. Our process enables us to quickly and easily fund loans while still offering superior customer service.

212 Loans brings together an experienced and diverse group of talented and dedicated professionals with a specialty in real estate investment. As a result, our borrowers rely on the skills, experience, and knowledge of a management team that truly understands all facets of real estate lending.

Our unique approach to financing allows speed and flexibility. Traditional in-the-box underwriting guidelines often fail to realize the true potential of a project and rarely shares in the vision of the borrower.  212 Loans shares that vision with our investors.

We have a competitive advantage over other lenders because loans can be underwritten and funded in a fraction of the time that it takes traditional lending sources. 212 Loans uses “private” capital to fund loans and therefore is not restricted by conventional lending requirements.